Dustin Dodd - Art Director

Extracurricular Activity

The Odds and Ends

Posters, Event
To promote ideas and innovation at The Variable, we created “The Good Idea Fair." To promote The Good Idea Fair, we reminded people that bad ideas are everywhere, and that it’s the good ones that are special.

Agency Credit: The Variable

Social, Hip-Hop Music
We concepted, wrote, and produced a rap-song for a local coffee shop called Toucan Louie’s. It’s rapped by Louie himself. It was also mixed and mastered by the guy that masters Chainsmokers records.

Copywriter: Bryce “Ice Cream Boi” Pangman

Logo Design, CGI, Social
Instead of paying for a Super Bowl Commercial, Char-Broil Grills decided to give away a bunch of grills on social media. Grilling fans were calling it a smokin’ hot giveaway. We decided to call the the 1st Annual Char-Bowl. Below is the Char-Bowl badge that I designed, modeled, rendered, and retouched.


Agency Credit: The Variable

Direct Mail, Print, Social
We created the client's most successful direct mail campaign to date. The campaign garnered buzz at various holiday get-togethers.

christmascard (1).jpg

Photographer: Jess Moen
Art Director, Designer, Retouch, Strategy, Sound Designer, Copywriter, Flame Artist: Dustin Dodd

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